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About a year ago, I stumbled upon Seqquin on Etsy. They have the most gorgeous Indian doll clothes I’ve ever seen. I was never a kid that played with dolls but who knows maybe I would have had I owned a brown-skinned doll with sparkly Indian clothes that mirrored the outfits I wore for Diwali and weddings. I had to have a doll with a sari that matched the main character in my debut HOW TO WEAR A SARI. Thankfully Seqquin was able to make the sari. Love!!

Seqquin is a small shop founded by the granddaugher-grandmother duo, Rhea Singh (a budding teenage designer) and her Nani. Come learn a bit more about them in this interview and don’t forget to check out their store! They make wonderful gifts for the upcoming holidays!

Can you tell us a little bit about your company Seqquin and how it came to be?
The company Seqquin started in 2013 when I was upset over the fact that the Diwali season was coming up and my American Girl Dolls couldn’t wear Indian clothes like me. After telling my Nani, she made a matching lehenga for my doll. We then realized how many other girls were feeling how I did and created an etsy shop, originally Rhea’s Doll Boutique!

The Indian doll dresses are gorgeous!! The colors, the styling, the workmanship. Where do you get your inspiration?
We use inspiration from our own clothes and what we see in our community! We also look at popular trends and famous designers! All designs are done by us and we get our fabrics and trims from India.

Can you tell us about you and your Nani’s process for designing and stitching the outfits? 
The process starts with figuring out what to make. We look at our inventory and what’s popular in fashion and our shop and decide what type of outfit to make. We then design the outfit making sure to take into account the fabrics and trims we want to use. After designing, we cut and stitch the outfit. We then take photos of the outfit and store it safely.

How long does it take to make an outfit?
It can take us about a week.

Do you take custom orders?
We don’t always take custom orders but occasionally if we have time and materials we will!

What do you see in the future for Seqquin?
In the future we see further diversifying the kinds of dolls that we make clothes for!


Here are some fun quick questions.
What is your favorite fabric?
Rhea: Silk
Nani: Silk

What is your favorite color?
Rhea: Blue
Nani: Red or Pink

What is your favorite type of Indian outfit to wear?
Rhea: Lehengas!
Nani: Saris

Where can people find you online?
Our shop! https://www.etsy.com/shop/Seqquin
Instagram: @seqquindolls

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