Cover Reveal for FINDING OM and Interview with Rashmi Bismark

I have a wonderful treat for you today. The cover reveal for FINDING OM, information about the #1001DiverseBooks program, and a lovely interview with the author Rashmi Bismark!

Bharat Babies is a wonderful small indie press bringing South Asian experiences to children’s literature. They are launching their fourteenth book, FINDING OM. This is a story about Anu, an American girl of Indian and African descent, who finds mindfulness and peace through an exploration of the mantra Om. This story helps children to find the calm strengths of awareness within themselves and is a wonderful multicultural, multi-generational story.

With this launch, Bharat Babies is also launching its #1001DiverseBooks program, which will help not only bridge the diversity gap but also the accessibility gap. With each new book launch, Bharat Babies is committing to also raise the funds to donate 1001 books to literacy and advocacy nonprofits that are working across the country to help children in need. They need your help to make this vision a reality. Will you be a part of the change to end the diversity gap AND accessibility gap? When you pre-order a copy of FINDING OM, you can also sponsor a copy for a nonprofit partner for only $10. The expected ship date is May 2020.

And now for the cover real! It’s gorgeous!!!

Title: Finding Om
Author: Rashmi Bismark
Illustrator: Morgan Huff
Publisher: Bharat Babies, May 2020

Pre-Order Link:

Interview with Rashmi Bismark

1. What inspired you to write a children’s book?

Nowadays there are many authors sharing beautifully illustrated retellings of Indian mythology. Now imagine if there might be a book, or better yet, a series of books, that could bring the sacred philosophical teachings of South Asian heritage, like yoga and mindfulness, to life in the same way. Imagine if they could reflect the experiences of brown kids and mixed families who are part of the diaspora in ways that all kids could relate to… These were my inspirations

2. How did you come up with the concept for the book FINDING OM?

With this first book, I wanted to portray what meditation might look like for a child while including an exploration of some key aspects of practice like: (1) curiosity, courage, kindness, and trust; (2) focused and receptive attention; (3) present moment awareness of thinking, feeling, doing and being; (4) resting into that naturally whole, awareful presence; and (5) opening to the harmony, insight, and wisdom right here. I wanted it to be a book about meditation and inquiry simply for the joy and wonder of it, versus being a tool or technique for handling stress or tough emotions. It is definitely that too… and it can also be something more.

It felt very natural to use my family as the characters. My father and my kids are some of my biggest teachers in life. Allowing their hearts to tell this story just made sense. In fact, much of the book portrays direct experiences my daughters have shared. Though Anu never had this exact interaction with Appuppa, it is an exchange that melds together both the girls’ and my own memories with him.

3. Is this a part of a series? 

Finding Om is the first book in an intended series to share concepts from South Asian philosophy like yoga (connection) and mindfulness (wise remembrance of innately present awareness) through treasured mantras from these traditions.

4. Where did you start and how has your book changed?

Interestingly, Finding Om wasn’t the first book I wrote for this intended series. I reached out to Sailaja and Bharat Babies with four other manuscripts on four different mantras that my girls have loved. As I began working with Amy Maranville, their senior editor, she suggested making the introduction I had originally written for parents and educators about meditation into a first book. So I guess you could say the original first draft of Finding Om was more of an informative description of mantra, mindfulness, yoga, and meditation for adults. It was nowhere near a picture book! It has certainly come a long way.


About the Author:
Rashmi S. Bismark, MD, MPH is a physician specialized in Preventive Medicine with expertise from public health, health behavior, lifestyle medicine, and complementary & alternative therapies. Her clinical practice is focused on holistic mindfulness-based interventions tailored to individuals and communities. With over two decades of exploring traditional healing practices from India, including Ayurveda, energy healing, meditation, and yoga, Dr. Bismark is also a teacher trainer at Yoga Medicine by Tiffany Cruikshank where she contributes to curriculum and co-leads advanced modules on Yin Yoga and Meditation for yoga teachers from around the globe. Dr. Bismark feels very fortunate to travel the world with her husband’s job, raising two little yoginis-in-training, and sharing mindful ways of nurturing life and healing.

You can find out more about Rashmi at these places on the Internet.


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  1. Rashmi

    Thanks so much for sharing this, Darshana. Our family cannot wait to read your upcoming book, and I look forward to meeting you in person some day soon! Love, Rashmi

  2. Navi

    I love the idea of combining cultural diversity, spirituality, and mindfulness in children’s literature! I whole heartily believe that we need to help children tap into their inner voice, and what a great way to bring that concept to light! I can’t wait to get my copy, and share it with as many people as I can!


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